Back in August last year I joined my local cycling club – the Timperley Boneshakers. Established in 2009 every year they run a charity ride to fund raise for various local charities. The Ride This year the ride was from Timperley to Llandudno and back over 2 days, to raiseRead More →

I’d been looking to buy a new bike for a while but was really struggling to find a bike that excited me. With the Giro and the Tour behind us I had been lured in by the pretty road bikes the pros were using. However they all had some feature that wasRead More →

What a difference 6 months makes, well ok, that’s an exaggeration. These wheels are just as solid as they were the day they came out of the box. Since sealing them up tubeless they’ve been hassle-free, although they could probably do with new sealant in the very near future (read:Read More →

The Mondopack is a range of big saddle bags available from Topeak. There’s 4 models in the range. The Mondopack (1.2l), the XL (2l), the XL with straps instead of QuickClick and the Hydro (1.7l). The model I have is the Hydro. It’s a 1.7l saddle bag with a pocketRead More →