Long Term Review: Hope 20Five-Pro 4

What a difference 6 months makes, well ok, that’s an exaggeration. These wheels are just as solid as they were the day they came out of the box.

Since sealing them up tubeless they’ve been hassle-free, although they could probably do with new sealant in the very near future (read: ages ago).

My only real problem with these was when I moved them to the new Arkose frame which requires a 12mm front axle adapter rather than the 15mm of the old frame. It took me 3 weeks to get hold of one due to their very limited availability, meaning the bike I had built had to sit in the garage unused because it had no front wheel.

I spent a lot of time on Hunt’s amazing 4Season Gravel Disc wheels during the summer, and moving back to these was a bit disheartening at first as they take more to accelerate than the Hunt’s do, however once up to speed they keep going, track well and have no discernible flex while cornering. Also, knowing that I can get every single part I need from Hope to keep these going forever is very reassuring.

Would I recommend these? Oh yes, just don’t be expecting an out and out race wheel, they are tough, sturdy and built to last, exactly what you need off-road (or on UK roads…).

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