4 years to the day, my CGR Ti has been forcibly-retired. A crack in one of the internal-routing holes had spread to almost the entire circumference of the downtube. I think what surprised me the most was the intense sadness I felt. I would never ride this bike again. TheRead More →

In the 6 months since I bought the Ribble CGR Ti it’s done 2400 miles (give or take). It’s been a reliable companion throughout and I’m still just as enamoured with it as I was the day it turned up. It’s been my daily commuter during the summer, it’s takenRead More →

I’d been looking to buy a new bike for a while but was really struggling to find a bike that excited me. With the Giro and the Tour behind us I had been lured in by the pretty road bikes the pros were using. However they all had some feature that wasRead More →