Rainspotting “Watch Party”

If you’ve read my previous article about my time in the Lake District with you’ll know I’m a big fan of theirs.

They were due to release their new film Rainspotting, made in collaboration with Brother Cycles, at various locations throughout the UK but due to the global Covid-19 epidemic they’ve decided to host a “Watch Party” instead. Details below:

An 84-hour bikepacking ramble through Scotland’s gloomy Grampians…

In light of all their film screening & talk cancellations, & Brother Cycles are to release their new bikepacking film – Rainspotting – via “Watch Party” at 19.30GMT Wednesday 25th March 2020. And, they’d like as many of you to join as possible…

Watch party [n.]
When folk ‘get together’ to watch the same video/film online, in real-time. Nope, we’d never heard of one until now, either…

Calling all outsiders, cyclists, bikepackers, tourers and armchair adventurers. Fill up your favourite enamel mug and head to the Scottish Highlands for 17-minutes of escapism – following a group of cyclists as they head off on an opportunistic wintry journey to ride the old-established network of gravel drove roads, only to find themselves bogged-down exploring the alluring voids in between. Expect sleeper trains, rain, snow, magical munro-mountains, gravel, cullen skinks, cranachans, bogs, bridges, and la-di-dah land-owners…

Comments (and heckles) welcomed.

To whet your appetites, why not watch their first film Beulah (2016) before hand?

Watch Party Details:

Time – 19.30GMT
Date – Wednesday 25th March 2020
Link –

If the film inspires you to get involved with the Pannier guys the links to book the “Highland Drover” trip and associated write ups are below:

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