Review: Wizard Works Teeny Houdini


It’s tiny!

Well ok, it’s not. I bought the Medium size of Wizard Works Teeny Houdini saddle bag from their winter Wiz Viz collection. The medium size is a claimed 0.5L in size compared to 0.4L for the Small version.

At £43 this is at the higher end cost-wise for a bag of this size, but is on par with the likes of Apidura or Restrap. Having used Apidura’s Tool Roll for quite a while I am surprised by how much more stuff I can fit in the bag considering they’re the same claimed size.

For example, I’m able to get a Ratchet Rocket, tube, patches, chain tool, gloves and a Dynaplug (with spare gear hanger, valve extenders, valve core remover and spare dynaplugs) to comfortably fit in the bag with a bit of room to spare.


The Teeny Houdini has a magnetic strap to attach to your bike which you hook through the rails of your saddles. The medium size also has a piece of velcro to wrap around your seat post.

This particular design makes it possible to open and empty the bag without having to remove it from your saddle. This makes it a breeze to use when out and about and the yellow interior makes finding your stuff a piece of cake.

The Wiz Viz design I picked up is the fully reflective version and it’s quite potent in real life. You can see my feeble attempt, using a torch, to capture how good it is below. The other option is a fluro-orange which looks really good too.

Wiz Viz Collection

The Wiz Viz collection is a limited time run of the Teeny Houdini and the Lil Presto! for Winter 2020/21. If you’d like to pick one up in the Reflective version I have, or a Fluro-Orange I wouldn’t delay too much longer!

Wiz Viz is available until daylight savings returns in March 2021, at which point it will disappear for the summer months, returning the following autumn with a brand-new style.

Wizard Works website

Wizard Works Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag


A small saddle bag for carrying your spare tools. Surprising capacity for it's size. The reflective option is both cute and noticeable.



  • Small size with surprising capacity
  • Magnetic strap for ease of fitment
  • Reflective option will help you stay noticed


  • Price could put some people off

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