4 years to the day, my CGR Ti has been forcibly-retired. A crack in one of the internal-routing holes had spread to almost the entire circumference of the downtube.

I think what surprised me the most was the intense sadness I felt. I would never ride this bike again. The frame could be replaced, but it wouldn’t be the same bike. After everything I’ve been through with this bike I was sad.

  • London to Bristol
  • Bikepacking around the Elan Valley
  • Barcelona to Manchester
  • North Coast 500
  • Hike-a-bike through the Lake District
  • Multiple failed attempts to bikepack Scotland

This bike has been through everything with me. I expected anger, or frustration at these events but the pseudo-emotional connection I appeared to have with this bike overwhelmed other feelings.

I’ve spent the past few years trying to rid myself of “things” and “stuff” and to view things as tools that I make use of but I think a bicycle breaks that mould. They become our companions during adventures, get us from point A to point B and allow us to explore the world.

I will miss this bike.


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