Review: Topeak Mondopack Hydro

500ml bottle in the mesh pocket at the back.

The Mondopack is a range of big saddle bags available from Topeak. There’s 4 models in the range. The Mondopack (1.2l), the XL (2l), the XL with straps instead of QuickClick and the Hydro (1.7l).

The model I have is the Hydro. It’s a 1.7l saddle bag with a pocket at the rear to stash an extra water bottle.

It’s made of 1200 denier polyester. Topeak makes no claims to waterproofing but I’ve ridden this through the worst downpour we’ve seen in months and there was no moisture ingress at all.

1.7l main pocket.

It has a large capacity pocket making up the majority of the storage with a single flap roughly half its length to allow access. This can make it a bit awkward to fill up especially if you want to use the space above the opening as removing anything below can cause items to fall out. However the ability to carry so much on the bike without it affecting the handling is a real bonus.

This is everything I keep inside the Mondopack.

This bag has allowed me (a long with some consolidation) to get rid of my pannier bags and rack for commuting. Now I can make do with a small backpack to transport what I need for a day at work.

The Mondopack uses Topeak’s QuickClick fixing mount.

It affixes to my saddle via Topeak’s awesome QuickClick mount which it shares across their range of saddle bags. However the Mondopack does require more clearance than the smaller bags they produce so you might need to move the mount to give the bag enough room.

2 velcro straps fix it to the seatpost.

It uses 2 velcro straps to secure it to the seatpost. What I like most is that they aren’t sewn in to the bag so they can be replaced if and when the velcro wears out. It also allows you to tuck the excess strap through the loops and neaten things up. Just make sure you have enough seatpost to fit it to, as you can see I’m very much at the limit.

Right-hand side pocket keeps all my tools easily accessible.

The right-hand side pocket is well organised and lets you keep all your tools easily accessible. I’ve got a multi-tool, Puncture repair kit (and tyre boot now I’ve gone tubeless), tyres levers, gear hanger and a couple of zip ties stashed in there.

500ml bottle in the mesh pocket at the back.

There’s a loop on the rear of the bag that allows you to clip a rear light to, this is very useful if you don’t want or can’t find a place to attach it to your frame. However this is less useful if you’re carrying a water bottle in the rear pocket. It’s not too much of a problem if it’s a 500ml bottle but if you take a 750ml or 1l bottle you have no chance.

In all I really like this bag and would recommend it to anybody looking for a bigger saddle bag especially for commuting.

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